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Twitter for a job

I was recently interviewed for this story about using social media to find a job on WTNH-TV (the Connecticut ABC affiliate) by Chris Velardi.

We talked about how people are using the Internet to communicate in new ways. Web forums have been around a long time and now we have Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social sites helping people communicate about anything, including jobs.

Indeed.com offers various ways for people to take their job search to another level. When doing a job search, people can continue to interact via job forums as well as follow links to find friends who may work at a target company by using Facebook or Linkedin.

Chris Velardi covered how people are competing with hundreds of other job applicants these days and using social sites is a way to help yourself stand outs from the crowd.

The piece is about 3 minutes long. My small part is toward the end. Here is the text:


People have been using the net to surf for jobs for years. They turn to sites like Monster.com , Career Builder.com and indeed.com . Now those sites are trying to keep up with the changing ways people are using the web.

Tim Dineen is the online marketing manager at indeed.com.

"We're trying to be a part of the whole process," said Dineen. "If people need a job search today, we're there for them. And if people want to interact further, we want to be able to help them do that."

Dineen said indeed.com has been integrating social media sites into its job searches; allowing users to scan for contacts they may know at companies to which they're applying.

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