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A forced Internet vacation

I went on vacation, hoping to enjoy myself and have some extra time to browse the web and catch up on Feed & Sphinn reading....

But I had NO Internet connection for almost an entire week!

Despite staying at a 4-star resort where my wife is a (time-share) owner, there was no working Internet to be found - not in my room and not even in the lobby! This place had all amenities you could think of including: approx. 12 pools, 5 active pool bars, mini-golf, kayaking & paddle boats at the lake, restaurant, deli, photo development (they still do that), a Disney ticket office, convenience store, gym, and even a full-service spa... but no Internet!

This is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE! The year is 2007!

There was supposed to be Internet available, but it just wasn't working. Sorry pal! A call to tech-support put me in touch with someone from three time zones away who felt-my-pain but explained that he couldn't do anything about my bad router in Orlando since he was in San Diego. Of course, the on-site staff were clue-less to even figure out who I should speak to or even properly use their phone system to transfer me to speak with any person so I could voice my complaint -- let alone fix the problem.

After some prodding, I was told that both of the wireless "transmitters" in my building were out of order and the support tech was frank and honest enough to tell me that I shouldn't expect a fix to occur during my stay there.

I have to say... I've stayed at a few real dive hotels over the last few years, but ALL of them had a decent Internet connection even if I had to pay a few bucks extra to get it. It's absurd to be expected to stay anywhere that still doesn't respect the Internet as a necessity!

I'm a 24/7 web addict - ok it's probably 20/7 addict depending on if or how-much time I waste/spend sleeping. So, the lack of Internet is a real problem/challenge. The word withdrawal came up more than once in describing my problem... more importantly I couldn't properly check in with work or, obviously, get anything accomplished. But the fevers eventually subsided and life went on...

Later, I'll tell you how I coped and what sources I used to keep myself connected to the iWorld.

Side note: I'd been through this before... the last time was about a year ago and that really put a kink in my plans since I had hoped to spend my time at the beach relaxing, a little work, and initiating an upcoming job search that I intended to start planning for.

I guess next time I go away I'll aim for a Super 8 or Motel 6 - where they leave the lights AND the Internet on for me - rather than stay at a more up-scale establishment that still doesn't "get it".


by Tim Dineen

Posted 11/13/2007

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